CharaExpo 2015


IMG_0400_2I managed to drop by the CharaExpo 2015 today to sign my illustration piece, despite having the flu. Founder and CEO of Liongeeks, Reuben Sim, shared with me that “Civil Wok” was moving well. It was especially satisfying to see complete strangers picking up my stuff. It’s definitely encouraging, but at the same time it also means I need to do more to improve on the marketability of my original art.

I surfed around the art sites that I frequent, like Behance and Tumblr, and I know I’m still far from good. Very far, in fact. So I gotta keep pushing on, and will always remind myself that the glass is half full. There are tonnes of people who are way better and there’s always so much more to learn (though I prefer to learn only from people with good attitude :p).

I’m currently working on several projects that I’m really excited about, so watch this space for more! So far everything’s still within my expectations and plans; I’m still on track and I’m feeling positive about the path ahead :o)




Spotted my childhood friend, Shin-chan! I still have the comics! It’s so lame and even touching sometimes that I just couldn’t stop reading it.


Round cheeks!


Family portrait! There was a scene in the comic where Shin-chan’s baby sister sat on his head while he was lying down, because she couldn’t find a chair that suits her height. It’s damn random, but I love it.


No idea what this is, but it’s really well made and I’m gonna collect them :o)



Om nom nom nom.

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