Fantastic 4: 大四喜

Fantastic 4_大四喜_web

Some like to spend their weekend mornings at the hawker centre, while others prefer to stay in with friends and family.

I decided to make Sue Storm ‘invisible’ in this illustration because it’s one less character to draw  it is, after all, the power she’s most known for. I also liked the ambiguity – she has telekinetic powers, and could easily be off doing more important work while controlling her tiles entirely with her mind… and owning them all.

I’ve had feedback that making Sue invisible is, in a way, erasing her presence. While I recognise the concern, I also must point out that her character was written with a very specific and distinctive superhero power that would inevitably result in her, well, turning invisible. In this piece I chose to visually represent these unique character attributes, which meant that while I added in clues to her presence in the game, her physical self is not seen by the audience.

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