Gachapon Girl (Production)

Gashapon Girl concept art

Model sheet (DJ Elaine)

Gashapon Girl concept art

Model sheet (Gachapon capsule)

I’d intended the film to have a simple story with lots of action. After all, it was a short film that had to be completed within a very short time with limited manpower. My teammates, however, felt that the story needed more work.

We went through so many changes that, at some point, I felt that some of the earlier ideas were the mostĀ interesting. But we just had to make the decision to move on in order to get things going.

Instead of the usual animation workflow, our team broke the film down into its various scenes and distributed them among ourselves to work on. Then we putĀ the roughs together, gave feedback as a team to one another, and split up to work on them again. I would have liked to play a greater role as lead animator, but circumstances didn’t really allow for that.

One of my greatest accomplishments with this film, apart from character animation, was pulling off good special effects animation. Animating things like water and smoke is considered challenging, and I’m happy with the end results. A great reference I used was Joseph Gilland’s Elemental Magic, Volume 1: The Art of Special Effects Animation. Would definitely recommend this book.

In the end, we couldn’t finish the toning for the entire film, and some of the sequences were quite raw. But it was a pretty good effort all round, and the film’s been shown at various festivals since then.

Below, you can find selected storyboards, animatics, animation tests, production stills, and the trailer we made for the film itself.

Selected Storyboards

Credit: Tanky

Gachapon Girl_Storyboard_01

Gachapon Girl_Storyboard_02

Gachapon Girl_Storyboard_03


Credit: Chua Eng Chee, Tan Hong Jin, Nathan Adianta, Tanky

Process and Animation Tests

Credit: Tanky

Production StillsGachapon Girl_01

Gachapon Girl_02

Gachapon Girl_03

Gachapon Girl_04

Gachapon Girl_05

Gachapon Girl_06

Gachapon Girl_07

Gachapon Girl_08

Gachapon Girl_09

Gachapon Girl_10

Gachapon Girl_11

Gachapon Girl_12_toned

Gachapon Girl_13

Gachapon Girl_14


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