Gachapon Girl

Gachapon Girl Film Poster

Gachapon Girl is a Final Year Project by Tan Kwang Yang, Chua Eng Chee, Tan Hong Jin, and Nathan Adianta.

“Gachapon” refers to capsule toys that are dispensed from a machine. The story involves a toy Gachapon figurine which comes to life after a little boy wishes upon a star. The figurine chases after the boy even as she is pursued by a monstrous robotic capsule, intent on returning her to the machine.

We added cameo appearances of characters from our friends’ FYPs: Spy Cat and Chugawaga. During our FYP screening, we asked that our film be played after the other two, which turned out great: the whole theatre burst out laughing when they saw the characters being tossed into the trash bin.

The response from the audience was positive, and our hard work was rewarded by the rousing applause from the audience. It was especially encouraging when I overheard some of them mention that Gachapon Girl was their favourite out of all the films! 🙂

Gachapon Girl has since gone on to be screened at local and international festivals, even 4 years after its maiden screening; it’s amazing to watch our work go on to touch lives in places that we’ve never been.

Gachapon Girl never stopped running after what she wanted, and neither should we. So never stop chasing your dreams!



Renaissance 2015
(Lille, France)

Art Garden
Singapore en France – Le Festival


11th Kecskemét Animation Film Festival


Art Garden

Gachapon Girl Screening_01


NTU ADM FYP screening


Project Development Mentor
Hans-Martin Rall

Animation / Visual Effects / Background
Tan Kwang Yang
Chua Eng Chee
Nathan Adianta
Tan Hong Jin
Steven Setiawan Jap

Music and Sound
Jeremy Goh (IMBA Interactive)

Special Thanks
Davide Benvenuti
Harry Zhuang
Henry Zhuang
Desmond Nishiki
Ken Tan
Bernard Su
Cheng Yu Chao
Heitor Capuzzo
Nanyang Technological University

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