Lost Atlantis 2015

Panelgraph_Lost Atlantis 2015_web_01

A team of combat divers discovers Atlantis and its mythical inhabitants, the mermaids. The team leader couldn’t bear to carry out his commander’s orders to capture this mermaid for research. Instead, he led his team to rebel against the military and protect the mermaid – and paid the ultimate price for his bravery.

This piece is an evolution from another piece I made few years ago, and was created for the cover of an issue of Panelgraph, a Singapore-based online publication that showcases the work of comic creators every quarter. Thanks to JF Koh, the guy behind Panelgraph, for trusting that I could make a somewhat passable piece as the cover art for the October 2015 issue 🙂

Below are some exploratory sketches:

Panelgraph_Lost Atlantis 2015_Process

And here is the original piece done in 2011 :p

Lost Atlantis_2012

Actually it was a friend, Jing Xuan, who commented that I should make a more updated version instead of just agreeing to JF’s request to use this old piece as the cover. I totally agreed with her, and decided to jump into it, despite the pressing deadlines from other projects. I just felt compelled to rework it :p

So that’s it, a tragic underwater love story.

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