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“Houston, we have a situation here…”

Mid-Autumn Festival is a celebration of togetherness and reunion over mooncakes and tea… but what happens when you can’t drink tea because you’re in a spacesuit? Or when a giant bunny accidentally breaks apart your moon landing module?

This piece was made for BuyMooncake, a fun little site that compares the different types of mooncakes available in the lead-up to the festival, as well as the credit card offers that go along with them. There’s even customisable fields that allow you to search based on elements you like best, like durian flavours or lotus paste fillings. (If you’re reading this at any point in the year other than the eighth lunar month, the site may not be the most up-to-date.)

The client also wanted to explore another quirky idea in which Chang-e returns to Earth on the festival day to pay Hou Yi a visit, only to ask about the current prices and trends of mooncakes sold here. Here’s the sketch.

Mid Autumn Festival_banner_wip_02

It’s funny that this festival is known to some as “Mooncake Festival”, instead of Mid Autumn Festival. While mooncakes and the extravagant packaging boxes is certainly a big part of the festival, let us also celebrate it for the opportunity it creates for families to get together, even if it’s only for a short period of time.

Happy reunion!

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