The Kallang Wave

The Kallang Wave_web

Everytime I look at the Merlion, I can’t help but feel awkward. It just doesn’t look right. A lion head rests on top of a headless fish. I wanted to make the Merlion look more ‘organic’. I wanted to explore its motions and find a pose that can manifest the organic feel that it’s supposed to have. And thus I made this piece. But even so, it still feels awkward to me 😀 But I like the slightly pudgy look that it has. Hahaa.

This piece was partly inspired by Hokusai’s Great Wave Off Kanagawa. I’m very particular when it comes to depicting something in motion, whether is it an animated piece or a still illustration. The flow of energy must be as uninterrupted as possible. Spent some time resolving the motion of the wave that the surfer in the foreground is riding on. I like the end result, hope you like it too :)))

The Kallang Wave_Drive 2015_edit

Part of DRIVE, a curated exhibition of outdoor art installations at Gillman Barracks. Produced by the Arnoldii Arts Club, it ran from 26 Sep 2014 – 25 Jan 2015.

The Kallang Wave_ADM alumni exhibition 2015

Part of the ADM Alumni Professional Works Showcase 2015, which ran from 8 – 21 May 2015.

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