Warriors of the Deep

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While I’m just someone with average physical fitness level, I was lucky (depends on how one chooses to see it) enough to be posted to this unit filled with people with insane fitness levels and crazy abilities. Some of them could easily jump over the 3-meter long standing broad jump mat while some could run 2.4km under 7 minutes and still didn’t seem to be panting much O_o. There was also this officer (who joined volunteerily) who refuses to ring the bell to give up during the infamous “Hell Week” despite all the extra pain he had to go through because of his rank and the fact that he volunteered. He could run faster than the facilitators even while carrying a freaking tyre around his neck! This piece is inspired by and dedicated to them. It also inspired an entire comic storyline, which I’m now developing. 🙂

Warriors of the Deep (process)

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