Hi! I’m Tanky, an illustrator and comic artist based in Singapore.

While I’m working hard to improve my digital paintings and concept designs, my ultimate goal is to create compelling comics with endearing, enduring characters.

In my free time I enjoy bringing my Brompton for a ride around the island, doing somersaults in a tailor-made Bruce Lee jumpsuit, and honing my lightsaber-nunchucks skills. On good days, I do all three at the same time.

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One thought on “About

  1. Hi Tanky,

    we are inviting suppliers to help us draw 10 x B5/A4 sized art illustrations for MINDEF/SAF publications. 5 of it is regarding SAF and the covid pandemic, while another 5 is regarding our future operating context or next generation capabilities. We see that you have a diverse range of works in your portfolio and are listing you as a potential supplier

    Would you be able to share whether you are Gebiz-registered and the registered name?


    Ying Bei (HP:93361144)

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